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Digital-only, app‑based advisors: prevailing offering Banks, discount brokers, conventional advisory firms HNW1 or 'private client group' at larger banks Boutique · ultra‑HNW‑only advisors
Financial Planning: Retirement · Tax · College · Estate
Retirement · Tax · College · Estate Planning
Financial Plan: Retirement Readiness Assessment
College · 529 plans
Donor advised funds
Investment-related tax-prep
Foundation set-up & management: $250K min.
Investment Choice
Dedicated Portfolio Managers with 25+ years of investment exp.
Relevant diversification: investment tailoring that incorporates RSU/stock options, real estate, etc.
Sustainable · social‑impact funds
Fully-customizable: sustainable · social‑impact wealth management
Customized smart beta & factor-tilt capabilities integrated
IA+℠ active management: alpha-seeking investment options
100% digital low-fee, light-touch fund offering
Tax-Efficient Options
Basic fund-based tax-loss harvesting ("TLH")
Individual security-level "TLH done right"
Cross-account, tax optimized portfolio management across asset classes
Alternative Investments1
Hedge funds & tax- sheltered options
1031 exchange alternatives for real estate investors
IRA · Solo 401(k) investing in real estate & private equity
Crypto asset expertise
Business Owners · Self-Employed
Custom 401(k) plans, SEP IRA, etc.
401(k) borrowing & lending options
Shareholder Voting
Vote on the issues that matter to you
Proxy voting & custom shareholder resolutions coming soon!
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