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Seven Best Retirement Stocks to Buy and Hold

“Apple is a well-run growth company that has extraordinary profit margins at a reasonable valuation.”
“It is further de-risked when you consider management's continued preference for buying back shares over pursuing untested and lower margin alternatives,”
-Jason Escamilla, CEO at Impact Labs

U.S. News, July 2019

Using investments to make a difference

“Most investors believe there is a trade-off between one’s values and one’s investment returns. This is left over from the days of overpriced investment products”

“Historically, on average, socially selective funds underperformed the market for the same reason other name-brand, actively managed funds did: high fund expenses,” said Jason R. Escamilla, CEO of Impact Labs in San Francisco

“Socially selective funds were a niche market that required a marketing & sales budget to attract investors,” he explained.

Mass Mutual, July 2018

When Social Responsibility Becomes an Investment Strategy

"Social responsibility is the central theme of US-based software provider Impact Labs. In September, it announced the launch of the first algorithmic portfolio software solely for those who actively adopt ESG investing."

Waters: Trading Technologies for Financial-Market Professionals, Dec. 2016

Impact Investing For the Rest of Us

"The advent of robo-advisors can make sustainable and impact investing automating the process and using algorithms to invest according to a customer’s preferences."

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 2016

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