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Disruptive Growth Opportunity

Megatrends in Wealth Management

Responsible Investing

85% of individual investors are interested in sustainable investing; 95% of Millennial investors
$12 trillion; 3x since 2012

Fee & Expense Compression

Investors seek lower cost investment products to eliminate unnecessary fee & expense layers: the middlemen.

Index funds poised to overtake active by 2021
High-Performance Wealth Management

Tax Smart

Taxes can be the #1 drag on building wealth. Investors are increasingly aware of the hidden costs/tax-erosion from traditional offerings. Tax alpha-seeking strategies can add 1-2%+ annually.

tax calc/optimizer

Technology & Distribution

Most investors prefer hybrid high-tech + high-touch solutions: an app experience + professional human guidance.


$30 Trillion Wealth Transfer

Women & younger investors are particularly underserved by legacy advisors today.

Largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history
1 in 6 Millennials now have $100K+ in savings, 2x since 2015

Unconflicted; Transparent

"Hey Siri, what are some hidden costs of investing"

It's never been easier for clients to understand the industry's incentive conflicts. And the SEC may accelerate transparency.

Least-trusted industry: Financial Services

Every Megatrend is a tailwind for Investment Advisors backed by IMPACTx

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Responsible, Social-Impact Investing Growth

¼ of U.S. managed investments
$12 trillion today
3x since 2012

ESG: Incorporating Environment/Social/Governance (ESG) factors
including the application of Social/Responsible/Impact (SRI) investing criteria

The Opportunity

85% of individual investors are interested in sustainable investing.

Only 14% of advisors have spoken with clients about it.

The Solution: IMPACTx

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Empowering High Performance Wealth Management

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