Customizable Impact

with First-of-a-Kind Socially-Responsible Portfolio-Generation Software

Sustainable Investing

Select the causes that are important to you. Our software takes care of the rest.

Select causes

Select causes

How It Works


You/your client get to choose which causes matter; simply adjust the sliders: swipe-left or swipe-right.


Our software instantaneously creates a diversified investment portfolio with companies that reflect your client's worldview, desired benchmark and/or factor tilt preferences.


Our software handles the on-going reinvestment & rebalancing, optimized according to the client's individual tax profile.

Modern Investing


One's core values can be an input for the portfolio construction engine that seeks best-of-breed companies while building a responsibly-diversified portfolio.

Factor-Tilt & Smart Beta

Customized risk-return profiles, such as price to book (valuation), return on equity (quality), etc., or for seeking 'minimum-volatility'.


“Tax alpha” seeking, including gain and loss harvesting tailored to individual tax profile.

    link: our 2017 marginal tax calculator

Empowering High Performance Wealth Management

The overall objective is to provide consistent “tax alpha” with lower comparative risk than strategies that merely attempt to boost pre-tax performance. Because we algorithmically build and rebalance each portfolio we can also optimize for each client's social preferences.

No-compromise investing, without compromising performance.


Impact Labs is a pioneer in the development of technology to enable high-performance wealth management.

Leading Edge Technology

Our software and APIs are built with a specific focus on tax optimization and the unique ability to integrate a wide range of social impact options into a single investment portfolio, optimized for diversification while seeking superior after-tax returns.

Superior After-Tax Results

Our software eliminates the traditional performance drag from fees, expenses & unnecessary turnover: we eliminate the middlemen so your clients keep more of their investment returns. For clients where taxes are constantly eroding returs, we add sophisticated 'tax-alpha' seeking overlays.

Experienced Team

Our CEO, CTO, Product Strategist & Corporate Strategist each bring 20+ years of experience and they are complemented by our team of next-generation technology & design experts.
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Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

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Empowering High Performance Wealth Management

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Modern Investing: Individually-Optimized, Socially-Selective + Tax Smart

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